Ultra DMA CRC Error Count Warning

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Ultra DMA CRC Error Count Warning


I have a question about my system, here are the specifications:

Crucial CT128M225

1819 Firmware (shipped with this firmware, never changed it myself)

Windows 7 Pro 64bit

Asus Laptop NV50-C2S BIOS v.212

Intel PM45 Chipset

Intel 82801M (ICH9-M)



My drive is a few weeks old, when I first got it I did a fresh install of Windows 7 on it. I installed HD Tune, and everything looked fine except it reports an Ultra DMA CRC Error Count Warning.

I have tried using Intel's disk controller driver as well as the Standard AHCI SATA driver.

Both report the same error, currently I am using the Standard driver as I understand it supports TRIM and the Intel driver does not.


Is this normal behavior, or is there something wrong with the drive?


Thank you,


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Re: Ultra DMA CRC Error Count Warning

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Hehehe. I thought exactly the same thing as you when I checked SMART in EVEREST and other programs, namely that my new SSD was defective. I even changed all the cables and shuffled my drives around so they were using SATA ports. However, the C7 SMART setting kept on increasing.


After a bit of digging around and using a program called CrystalDiskInfo v2.2, which is made for SSDs, I discovered that on SSDs C7 represents something totally different than it does on HDDs, something to do with successful writes or something like that. I realised that was why the count was increasing! You'd expect it to, right?


Unless the software you're using is written to interpret SMART for SSDs then I'd suggest you just ignore it. Use CrystalDiskInfo if you must put your mind at ease but I suspect if you do it'll return a '100% Good' as it did for mine.


So, no, there's nothing wrong with your drive.

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Re: Ultra DMA CRC Error Count Warning

thanks a lot!