Using Acronis True Image HD 2014

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If you are looking for a guide on how to install and activate Acronis True Image HD 2015 please visit this article for updated instructions for using Acronis True ImageA more comprehensive walkthrough of SSD setup and installation, including the cloning process, is provided by our SSD Install App.


Select Crucial SSDs come standard with a license key for Acronis True Image HD 2014. This article shows, step by step, how to install and activate your copy of the software, followed by a video on using the software.


If you are looking for a guide on how to clone with the version of Acronis True Image HD that was included in the Easy Install kits, the one that boots from a CD, we do have a written guide and video for that software as well.


1. Go to

2. Choose a language from the presented options.





3. Download and run the .exe file.






4. Click Install.



5. Review and accept the license agreement to continue.





6. Acronis will ask if you'd like to participate in the Acronis Customer Experience Program. Your participation in this is voluntary, and can be refused without affecting your ability to use the software. Crucial and Micron Consumer Products Group are in no way affiliated with this program.




7. Select an install destination, click 'Next' and verify your selections are exactly how you would like them, then click 'Proceed'.






8. After installation finished, you can immediately start the application, or click "Finish" to close the installer if you'd prefer to resume this process later by running the software from where you installed it.




9. On the product key screen, click the link in the lower right corner "I have only short key".




10. If you don't already have one, you must create an Acronis account with your name and e-mail address, and enter the 16-digit product key you received.



11. Acronis will e-mail you a confirmation link to finalize your account creation (this step does not apply if you used an existing Acronis account).




12. Your 64-character product activation key will be displayed once registration is complete. A copy of it will also be sent to your Acronis account's e-mail address for your records. Copy and paste it back into the Acronis 2014 splash screen text box to continue with the activation.






13. Once activated, the program will immediately move into the "Get Started" screen of the Acronis True Image  HD 2014 suite, ready for use.





Once you are ready to begin, the below video illustrates the cloning process itself.





Some users have reported difficulty in successfully cloning using the Windows version of Acronis True Image HD 2014. The process below details creating a bootable CD or USB drive to launch the Acronis Software from directly without ever loading Windows. This requires either a blank CD or USB drive. While testing has shown this process is non-destructive to existing USB drive data, our recommendation is you remove any files from a USB drive you intend to use as bootable media in this way to eliminate the risk of data loss from this process.

1.To begin, from the main screen of Acronis True Image HD 2014, select the "Backup and recovery" tab.
2.Click the button for "Create bootable media".
3.A new Window for "Acronis Media Builder" will appear. Click Next to proceed.
4.The next screen will have you select what programs to place on the bootable media you are creating. Check the box next to Acronis True Image 2014, then click Next.
5.An options menu will appear next. Nothing needs to be set here for normal use of Acronis, so simply click Next.
6.A list of connected media the bootable device can be created from will be displayed. Select the desired target (in our example, USB drive letter 'I'), and click Next.
7.If everything looks correct in the process summary, click Proceed.
8.A progress indicator will appear as your bootable media is created, and once complete a notification window will appear. Afterward, you can close all Acronis windows.

From here, you will boot from the created media, adjusting your BIOS/UEFI boot menu options if necessary to do so, and run the Acronis software to clone your source drive to another target disk.