new M4 128GB in Thinkpad x220

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new M4 128GB in Thinkpad x220

I just bought this combo. Im green with SSD technology and started research about this drive before it will be sended to me. Im reading alot of problems about it here... sadly I saw that X220 have Intel Ahci 11.7 drivers (which I dont know if its good).

I was thinking that using this driver will be easy as mechnical hdd, but aparantly its not.


Are there any quide for using m4 with Intel QM67 chipset (the on in x220)? I know i should upgrade drive firmware before doing anything.


It will be clean install on AHCI (if posible) with win7pro x64.


edit: BIOS is needed 1.25 or higher (1.38 is the newest)

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Re: new M4 128GB in Thinkpad x220

It's a little bit hard to deal with potential problems because there shouldn't be any!  It should just be a case of fit the drive, install windows and job is done.


Every post in here is dealing with sort of rare edge cases where things don't go to plan.  And there's no common known issue or factor to forewarn of.  There are different solutions to diffferent problems so you'd sort of have to see if you actually have a problem, which is unlikley, before you could be helped for one. Smiley Happy


But yes, as you say, a clean Windows install in AHCI mode on a system with the latest BIOS is a very good starting point.  The drive should already come with the latest firmware.

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