Thunderbolt display failing after memory upgrade

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Thunderbolt display failing after memory upgrade

I have a MBP 13 Late 2011, I was running crucial memory, 8GB and I also have a thunderbolt Cinema display.  All work well together.  I have recently upgraded to a 16GB kit and my display now goes blank several times a day and sometimes just shut down.


I have searched all over the web and found lots of post pointing to RAM, I have since put the old memory back in from Apple and it works without problem.


Has anyone else seen anything like this?




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Re: Thunderbolt display failing after memory upgrade

Hi Alewis,


We haven't heard of this issue happening before with the Thunderbolt Cinema Display. There is a test you may run to see if it is a memory issue.

For the Mac OS, a popular tester is Rember, which can be found here:



Set Rember to test “All”, and check the box next to “Infinite” number of loops, and let the test run for at least half an hour. Since Rember is running from your desktop, it's important that you shut down all applications before you run the test. If you have any programs open, the test will be a lot less accurate.

If one or both modules appear to be having errors we would be happy to set up a warranty exchange for the RAM. Please let us know if you have any further questions.


YogiH, Crucial Moderator, US

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Bit Baby

Re: Thunderbolt display failing after memory upgrade



I also had the same issue with my Thunderbolt display after upgrading my mid 2012 Mac Book Pro from 8 Gb to 16 GB RAM kit from Crucial yesterday. After the upgrade, everything else was workng fine, but I noticed that each time I wake up the computer from sleep mode, the Thunderbolt display was not connected. I had to physically unplug and plug back in the Thunderbolt connecter cable to the computer to get the display back on.


Even though I couldn't find any direct references to this issue anywhere, after doing some research on Apple Support pages and going through the Thunderbolt Manual, I understand that this could be an issue relating to PRAM (Power-PC Based Macs) / NVRAM (Intel-based Macs) reset.


I have since reset the NVRAM on my Mac and now the issue seems to have been resolved.


For more info and instructions to reset the NVRAM, please check this Apple Support Knowledgebase link:


Hope that helped. Good luck! Smiley Happy