3 Beeps and no display with ASROCK

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3 Beeps and no display with ASROCK

I just bought a brand new ASROCK H110M-HDV and a 8GB RAM 


The model of the ram is  CT8G4DFS8213 


The build is all new. Now when I boot the PC i have a black screen and 3 beeps with a pause are heard. 

Is it a compatibility error or just a faulty RAM? 


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Re: 3 Beeps and no display with ASROCK

Hello kostakos14,

Thanks for your message about your upgrade.  I am sorry to hear that your system does not work with the new memory.

To establish what is causing the problem, please test each memory module in the first slot and leave the second slot empty - all other memory should be removed when trying this. Completing this test will determine if each new module is fully operational when installed individually. You can find a general memory installation guide at the following link:


If one module works but the other does not, we can exchange the faulty part under warranty. If neither part works on it's own, it would be useful to know the following information:

- Results from the above testing:
- Operating System:
- Did you use the Crucial System Scanner? (Scan ID if applicable):
- Specification of original memory module (details written on the module sticker):
- The number of black DRAM chips on either side of the original module(s):

Once I know the above details, I can look into this further for you. In the meantime, please let me know if you have any other questions.


Crucial_Junket, Crucial Moderator, UK

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