BSOD with MSI Platinum P35 and 8GB of RAM

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BSOD with MSI Platinum P35 and 8GB of RAM

I got 4 CT25664AA1067-16FHZ  sticks for my MSI Platinum P35 motherboard to replace the 4 GB I had and up it to 8 GB.  I had all 4 DIMMs filled before and they all worked fine.  Now when I put in all 4 of the new RAM, it always crashes. If I only put in 2 sticks so I have 4 GB of RAM, no problems. Doesn't matter which 2 DIMM pairs I use or which 2 pairs of RAM.  


Any suggestions? I've checked the bios and I've taken the memory out and reseated multiple times.  I'm at a loss and seems like I should just return both pairs since I can only get 4GB to work and I had 4 GB originally.


Thanks in advance.



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Re: BSOD with MSI Platinum P35 and 8GB of RAM

Hi farfromnoise,


I'm sorry to hear that you are having problems with your memory upgrade.


You said that you have checked the BIOS of the system, does that mean you have checked to see if you have the most up to date BIOS version available?


So we can look in to what is causing the issue could you confirm the speed of your original memory?  Is it possible to try two new modules next to two of your original memory modules?


This is the best way to check if it's possibly the speed of the new memory that's causing the problems you are having.  Do you know if you have a 32bit operating system or a 64bit version?  If you have a 32bit version of the operating system you will be limited to 3-4GB of memory.   As all the memory modules work in pairs we know it's not down to a faulty memory module.


Sometimes it is necessary to clear the BIOS (Basic Input Output System) to solve boot related issues. To clear the BIOS/CMOS please reinstall the original memory and follow the instructions below:

1) Turn off system at the wall but leave the system plugged in.
2) Remove case cover/panels.
3) Once the system is open please touch an exposed/bare metal part of the computer to ground yourself.
4) Looking at the motherboard you should see a small silver circular battery (Like a watch battery). The battery will be held in place by a plastic holder.
5) Next, completely unplug the system including power cable.
6) Remove the battery from the motherboard. This is usually done by gently pressing the metal clip on the plastic holder. The battery should pop up/out on its own.
7) Once the battery has been removed please leave the computer sitting like that for around 15 minutes.
8) After 15 minutes replace the battery and the cover/panels
9) Reconnect all cables and switch on at the wall socket.
10) Power up the computer.

Let us know how it goes and once you reply we can look in to what is causing the problems you are having.

Crucial_Junket, Crucial Moderator, UK

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