CT128M72S4WR75.18SQDY info

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CT128M72S4WR75.18SQDY info

I am trying to find any info on the obsolete Crucial part - CT128M72S4WR75.18SQDY .    Number of rank, dram config and such


Phil Muck

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Re: CT128M72S4WR75.18SQDY info

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Hello philmuck,


If you have that module installed, you can download and run HWInfo if you are running one of these operating systems:

Windows XP/Vista/Server 2003/2008/Windows 7/8
The resulting report will give you everything you need (look in the memory area of the report).


However, if you do not have it installed, a data sheet is available by request here.


As you are probably already aware, a Google search yielded these limited specs as follows:

144-SDRAM-SODIMM-1 GIG (1024Mbs) -ECC



On older memory modules, the number of ranks are usually 1 for single-sided modules (SS) and 2 for double-sided modules (DS). The chip densities can be determined by simply dividing the physical number present (on the module) into the total module capacity. For example 8 chips divided into 1024MBs = 128Mbs per chip. Any configuration requirements would be dictated by the computer or workstation you want to install it in. And finally, I couldn't find anything regarding the module voltage requirements. Anyway, the forum is slow so I had some time to do the above research. I hope it can ultimately get you what you need!



Good luck!



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Re: CT128M72S4WR75.18SQDY info

From the model all I can tell is that it's a 1GB ECC module, and since it's ECC do not count the middle ECC chip when using the above method norepli mentioned for determining density


You'll have to wait for a Crucial Rep to give you further info.  If you are in a hurry for this info you can chat with them, or call by phone, from the contact link in my signature.