Compatibility question 1Rx8 vs 2Rx8

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Compatibility question 1Rx8 vs 2Rx8

I recently ordered a 1GB stick to bring my Presario SR2050nx up to bring my machine up to 2GB.  When installed with the existing 1GB stick my bios will not recognize it.  


The existing stick is 1GB 2Rx8 PC2-4200 DDR2 533 CL4 and came with the machine.


The upgrade recommended to me by the Memory Scan Tool is crucial part number CT607665.  URL from the systemscanner is  I have updated the BIOS to the most recent version.  The new memory works fine by itself.  If I install both the BIOS won't recognize both of them, only one. 


I'm not running the onboard video card anymore but an XFX 1GB ddr2 card in it's place.  


Any suggestions to address this or is the 1Rx8 vs. 2Rx8 the killer here?


/edit to add systemscanner URL

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Re: Compatibility question 1Rx8 vs 2Rx8



The issue is that this system was built off of an ATi chipset that has issues when mixing high and low density components together.  If you take a look at your memory modules, the module that is marked 2R will be a double sided module.  The module that you purchased from Crucial is marked 1R and is single sided.  As technology moves forward, higher density components are made to make higher dense modules.  The lower density components are then phased out.  Unfortunately, we no longer carry the lower density component modules as they are not being made anymore.  To get your system to 2GB, you will need 2 1GB modules that are made up of the same component density.



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