Difference between CT2330348 and CT102464BF1339

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Difference between CT2330348 and CT102464BF1339

Is there any difference between these two products CT2330348 and CT102464BF1339 (apart from obvious fact that former is 2x4GB and later is 1x8GB) ? They have the same specs but Crucial Memory Advisor only showed me the first one. My Laptop is DV6-2162NR

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Re: Difference between CT2330348 and CT102464BF1339

Hi mcnamara,


I have had a look in to this system and the parts you have listed.


You are correct in saying that both parts have the exact same specification apart from the size of the memory modules.  This system can support 8GB of memory over two memory slots.  We don't recommend CT102464BF1339 for this system as it's a single 8GB and to get to the maximum memory for this system you need 2x4GB modules.


The system will not support a single 8GB module unfortunately.  Part number CT2330348 is perfect for your system and guaranteed to be compatible.  I would recommend upgrading your system using that kit to take your system to the maximum of 8GB.

Crucial_Junket, Crucial Moderator, UK

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