How do I know what kind of memory to purchase?

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How do I know what kind of memory to purchase?


Crucial makes finding the right upgrade easy. We offer two ways to find the right memory — our System Scanner tool and our Memory Advisor™ tool.


Our System Scanner tool automatically scans your system to tell you about your current memory configuration and recommend compatible upgrades for your specific system.


Or, use our award-winning Memory Advisor tool, where we've compiled all the information you need into one easy-to-use, searchable database. Our Memory Advisor is the most complete tool of its kind, with more than 250,000 solutions for over 50,000 different computers, printers, servers, and more. All you have to do is tell us what system you have, and our Memory Advisor tells you what upgrades will work for you. And we guarantee the memory you buy through the Memory Advisor will be 100 percent compatible with your system, or we'll refund the price of the incompatible module.