Hp G62 452SA maximum RAM

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Hp G62 452SA maximum RAM



I have run the crucial system scanner tool on my HP G62 452SA and it is reporting that I am allowed 8GB of ram MAX. If I search through Google I find the following and it reports up to 4GB ram max, so I'm having a hard time convincing myself of whether I am allowed 8GB of RAM max or 4GB. I currently have 3GB installed so I won't be too fussed upgrading it if I'm only allowed 4GB Max.




Here is the specs to my system:



HP G62-452SA Laptop

Intel® Core ™ i3-350M Processor
15.6" HD LED
Webcam + HDMI


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Re: Hp G62 452SA maximum RAM

Hi hencherz,


I have had a look in to this system for you and I can confirm that the system can take 8GB of memory.  Any recommendations we make against a system are guaranteed to be compatible.

Crucial_Junket, Crucial Moderator, UK

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Bit Baby

Re: Hp G62 452SA maximum RAM



I have the same confusion with my HP G62-452SA.  Did you manage to successfully upgrade yours to 8GB?





Bit Baby

Re: Hp G62 452SA maximum RAM

I have HP G62 with Intel® Core ™ i3-370M Processor, (NOT 350)

I  installed 8GB Succesfully