Is it worth using unequal RAM strips?

Kilobyte Kid

Is it worth using unequal RAM strips?

I have three HP Desktop Pro 3120 PCs, each with four RAM slots, which are in pairs, one of each pair being blue, the other in each pair being black.

Each PC has the original 3GB (1x1GB, 1x2GB) RAM installed. All PCs are being updated to Win7 64-bit. I have upgraded two of these PCs by purchasing 8x2GB strips, removing the original RAM and fully populating them with the new stuff.


I have one PC left, and six strips of the original RAM, 3x2GB and 3x1GB.

Whilst I would ideally like to purchase another 2GB strip so that I can max out this unit, right at this moment I cannot afford this (I know, it's only £15, but I've hit a budget limit).

To make the most of what I have there seem to be three options and I just want to find out if either of the first two are prohibited by any technical limitations before I power the thing up and start messing around further with its innards:

  1. Install 3x2GB strips, leaving one slot empty. If this is the case is there one slot that is "better" to leave empty?
  2. Install as above and put one of the surplus 1GB strips in for 7GB.
  3. Install only 2x2GB strips until I can afford the last one required for the second pair. In this case does anyone know if I should use the blue or the black slots first?

All the remaining RAM is as supplied with the units from HP so there should be no speed issues, it's just a capacity question.


Thank you very much