Is my memory faulty?

Kilobyte Kid

Is my memory faulty?

Had a few BSOD recently so decided to run memtest86, I tested both sticks on their own and one passes with no errors and one has errors as shown in the screen below, is it RMA time?



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Re: Is my memory faulty?

Hi raven77,


I'm sorry to hear that you are having problems with your system.


I have had a look at your memtest report and it does show errors with the memory.  If you are running standard memory without overclocking then there is a fault and we would be more than happy to arrange an exchange.


If you are using performance memory like our Ballistix range and you have either the wrong voltage or timings it can sometimes show as errors in memtest.  So we can investigate it further can you confirm some details about your computer and memory for me?


What's the make and model of your computer/motherboard?

What's the part numbers of the memory you have installed?


The part numbers will be listed on a sticker on the side of the memory modules, if you are unsure of what to provide just type all the numbers from the stickers.


Once we have this information we can investigate what's causing your problems further.

Crucial_Junket, Crucial Moderator, UK

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Kilobyte Kid

Re: Is my memory faulty?

Thanks for the reply, I think the ram is faulty as it is just the one stick bringing up errors and this at default speeds and voltage, the same stick is reported as faulty in windows memory checker as well. So I have already submited an RMA and they have been sent for RMA today. I just hope it's a quick turnaround as my main PC is currently out of order untill the memory is replaced.