Lenovo T410s not on after upgrade to Win 10 64 bit

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Lenovo T410s not on after upgrade to Win 10 64 bit



I just upgrade my Lenovo T410s to Win 10 64 bits. I used Win10 32-bit before this and I have upgrade my ram to Crucial CT51264BF160BJ just working fine for almost 2 years. Recently, I clean format my laptop to Win10 64-bits, the problem start occurs, I can't format my laptop at the beginning so I swap back to my old ram. I can format it but it's turn to be too slow. When I put my Crucial back it's started to reboot never ending. I just wondering why it's working with Win10 32 bit but not with Win10 64 bits. I've upgrade my BIOS. Please help me, do I need to buy a new ram? 

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Re: Lenovo T410s not on after upgrade to Win 10 64 bit


 We are sorry for the issues you've experienced with your RAM.


For general memory problems, our online support summarizes solutions for most issues and provides best methods for isolating a definite hardware problem.





If the above links are not effective for you, we can still help. To better identify the cause of any malfunction and provide other warranty support, we need more information about your system, the memory, and the specific failure you are having. Please call our Technical Support team at 1-800-336-8896 and we would be happy to troubleshoot further. 

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