Max RAM for HP Z210 SFF

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Max RAM for HP Z210 SFF


i'm looking for clarifaction about the max RAM supported by HP Z210 SFF Workstation. According to manual here it supports from 1GB to 32GB ECC and non-ECC memory.

Does the ECC or non-ECC make a difference?




According to Crucial it supports 32 if and only if one uses ECC RAM. The manual makes no such distinction. I attempted to use the quick specs at but could not find the Z210.

Thank you for your time, Edit: So sorry for the triple post!

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Re: Max RAM for HP Z210 SFF

Hello Ar713,


Thank you for your message.


I'm sorry for any confusion over the recommended memory for this system.  I have looked in to this further for you.  This system can support 32GB of memory if you're using ECC memory.  If you're using Non-ECC the maximum it can support is 16GB. 


ECC stands for Error Correction Code and usually ECC memory modules are used in systems like Servers or Workstations that require that extra bit of security.  Most systems use NON-ECC memory and we would recommend NON-ECC for everyday use or even in gaming as it tends to have a lower latency which means it's accessed faster. 


We have a good guide on what ECC memory is HERE

Your system can support either so it really depends what you are doing with your computer.  If you're using it for general computing or gaming then 16GB of NON-ECC would be plenty.  If you do have any further questions at all, please don't hesitate to ask.



Crucial_Junket, Crucial Moderator, UK

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