New Memory in and Finally working.

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New Memory in and Finally working.

Update on my Dell Inspiron 570 Special.


New memory came in today.   Thank you Crucial. 


   Ran into a slight problem.  Installed new memory according to Dell's guide for the 570 (not the 560) in slots 3 and 4... system would not boot.  Would not even go to BIOS.  Got one single beep.  I pulled both new sticks out, put in just one in slot 4 (according to guide),,nothing, tried the other..nothing.  Took canned air and blew out DIMM sockets..nothing.  Reset CMOS.. nothing.   Finally said screw it and  put one new stick in slot 1, system boots right up but gives me Checksum error.  No problem, shut the system down, insert stick number 2 in slot 2.  System boots right up,  I go into BIOS and reset everything since I had cleared it earlier.  Restart and boots up just fine, Windows 7 starts with no problem.  Check CPU-Z.  Tell me I have 4 Gigs of DDR3 1333.  Excellent.  Tells me its PC3 10700.  Okay, that's news to me but it's running.  Start O.C.C.T.  5 minutes in BSOD.  Check with Microsoft (error dump) they say drive problem.  I tell them all the drivers are up to date as is the BIOS (A05).  They tell to roll the drivers back???  I contact Dell.  They tell me the CPU is not supported???  I said its an AMD Phenom II x2 which according to their guide is supported.  They said that is true, but the CPU I stuck in is a 511 which was an OEM tray CPU for HP and not fully supported by Dell BIOS.    It's also not a true Phenom II since it does not have an L3 cache. I guess it's a hybrid between a Athlon II x2 and Phenom II x2.


Anyone else ever hear of this???


   System is working fine as long as I don't push the CPU.  As soon as I get a chance, I will find a "correct" CPU.


Anyway, the memory is GREAT and I am very pleased.  Thanks to all for your support and insight.

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Re: New Memory in and Finally working.

Hello mikebilak,


Glad to hear you got everything running and thank you for that detailed feedback! That 10700 you are seeing is just another naming convention for your DDR3-1333 module. As you are already aware, the JEDEC standard name for the DDR3-1333 modules is PC3-10600; however, manufacturers are really free to deviate and name them anything they want. So, in your travels, you may also see a DDR3-1333 module also named (or referred to) as PC3-10660, PC3-10666, PC3-10667, and PC3-10700.


Now, one of the above names is actually derived directly from the maximum peak transfer rate of the DDR3-1333 module (eg, 10666.5 Mhz rounded down to 10666); however, the others are naming deviations based on either using a different calculation to come up with the peak transfer rate (eg, rounding up 10666.5 to 10667) or they were named as such just because the manufacturer thought the name sounded better (ie, 10660) or faster (ie, 10700) than the PC3-10600 standard name.


The bottom line is that they are all DDR3-1333.


Again, thanks for sharing your success and we hope to hear more from you going forward!



Best regards,



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Re: New Memory in and Finally working.

Nice to hear everything is working smoothly for you, thanks for posting!!


Can you show me a CPU-z image of your CPU, and tell me any other details you know about it?  Thanks!   I'm helping another user on a different forum, and I think maybe he has one of these CPU's like you mention because he can't adjust CPU clock ratio's on a motherboard that allows it.   And as soon as I saw your comments it made me think of him, so maybe that's part of his issues as well if he has a similar CPU