New RAM either freezes or BSOD

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New RAM either freezes or BSOD

Ok to start the computer I am working on is an HPp6330f  <- link (or if you dont feel like going to the link) its an Intel I3 with 3 x 2Gb PC3 - 10600 ram chips. I decided to upgrade my ram to 12gb by ordering a pair of 4Gb pc3 - 10666 chips ( 4+4+2+2 = 12) I didnt think the 66 Mhz would be that big a deal as it should just run at the slower speed (in theory). 


I was wrong....very wrong


If I install the 4gb chips in slots 1 and 2 and the smaller chips in 3 and 4 it freezes on the bios screen and doesnt respond to anything but the power button being held. (so I figure 8gb is still an improvement I'll try just them)


Just the 2 4gb chips runs ok for about 1 minute before the system shuts off and reboots. In the short time I have I can get into bios and see that all 8gbs is being recognized.




If i try either 4gb chip all by itself it is stable until I try and boot to windows and I get a BSOD? I looked but couldnt find a log for the crash.


I have tried every imanginable combination of sockets with the ram ( use only socket 2 and 4, using just socket 4, 1 4gb and 1 2gb, etc.)


So Im at a loss, "what would casue it to BSOD with 1 stick but reboot with 2 or freeze with mixed ram?"



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Re: New RAM either freezes or BSOD

oh a side note to crucial: Your Ram checker says that the hp p6330f Crucial specs will accept pc3 - 12800 this is incorrect (HP and more imprortantly MSI the mobo manufacturer) list pc3 - 10600 as the highest it will accept hp specs

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Re: New RAM either freezes or BSOD

Hi sgreen18,


I am sorry for the issues that you have experienced with your RAM upgrade. What is the part number on the label of the memory? This part number should read something like CT51264BA1339, etc. This will help us determine the compatibility of the RAM modules you received and the system. 


Thanks in advance. 

YogiH, Crucial Moderator, US

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