New memory will not boot up AMD Althon PC

Kilobyte Kid

New memory will not boot up AMD Althon PC

My PC is an asRock 939NF4G-Sata2 running a single 512mb module in one of the four slots.

I hoped to increase the RAM to1Gb using  two crucial 512 sticks & removing the original as this motherboard has to work with identical units.

The new parts were installed firmly & clicked in,but would not boot up the PC at all. Using one new stick at a time would not work.The crucial RAMs are part MT8VDDT6464AY-408F4 & are 3200 like the original.

I reinstalled the old stick on its own & things are OK.

The original unit is RAS 2_0 & 5Mhz, I cannot read any more on the old label.

The old stick has eight modules on both sides,but the crucial ones have eight modules on one side only.

Am I overlooking something,or is it better to not proceed with a memory upgrade?



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Re: New memory will not boot up AMD Althon PC

Hi county6uk,


I have had a look at that part number and that's not a Crucial module that's a Micron memory module.


This system should work with either 16 chip or 8 chip modules.  When installing new memory it sometimes needs to be pushed in even harder than the original.  It can take up to 30lbs of pressure to be installed correctly in a system.


I would recommend trying them again one at a time in the system to make sure they both are not being detected.  I would then look to see if you have a BIOS update available for this system.


If this does not work you would have to contact your vendor as it's not Crucial memory it's Micron memory which we do not cover warranty on.  We do recommend memory for this system and you can see it HERE.

Crucial_Junket, Crucial Moderator, UK

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Kilobyte Kid

Re: New memory will not boot up AMD Althon PC

Hi Crucial_Junket


After many attempts,the new DIMMs worked.The only thing I may have done,was to blow dust away more.

Sorry I gave the wrong numbers in my message,but the modules carry both Micron & Crucial labels.They are Crucial CT6464Z40B.


Many Thanks