Over RAMmed my laptop today (16GB in a 8GB device) - How about you?

Kilobyte Kid

Over RAMmed my laptop today (16GB in a 8GB device) - How about you?

Best Day Ever! - Fitted 2x the max memory Dell specified.  What have you over RAMmed?


My laptop is a Dell e6420 purchased in 2011 which I've used on-the-road for work for the last 6 years with (what at the time was huge) 8GB (2x4GB) RAM.  I now have a new laptop for every-day so I converted the Dell (which has a Core i7 CPU) into a server, runnning SQL and a bunch of other software that normally runs on a trio of servers when installed (properly) at a customer site.  The maximum 8GB RAM specified by Dell when the Laptop was new was the only thing holding back the laptop from perfroming adequatley-well as a mobile server for temporary deployments / demonstrations.


I investigated the specifc CPU installed (Intel Core i7 2720QM) and found that it was designed to handle 32Gb of RAM.  I then found a handfull of people on-line that claim to have upgraded to 16GB without issue the same model laptop, so using CPU-Z (freeware) I found-out exactly what spec RAM modules were installed, double checked on the Crucial web-site which RAM kit they specified for (8GB standard) the laptop, then basicallly ordered a 16GB kit (2x8GB) version of this.  The only difference (other than size) is the new RAM is 800MHz and the old RAM installed by DELL from new was 600MHz.  The new RAM kit arrived today, was fitted in minutes.  Then I turned on the laptop......


I was greeted by a BIOS warning message stating that stated it had noticed the RAM had changed spec, once I acknowledged the message, the machine booted fine, has recognised and utilised the full 16GB, and is running just superbly.  The applications I'm running use 7GB at idle (with all unneccessary programs and features disabled), so the extra headroom is very welcome.


I wish I'd now had the courage (& cash) to try the full 32GB upgrade.  Has anyone tried an over-spec RAM upgrade?  How did you get on?  (I know Crucial often specificy bigger than standard RAM for Macs but not for PCs)


Ragamuffin (Ian)