Quick Question about Dell Inspiron 570 memory

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Re: Quick Question about Dell Inspiron 570 memory



   I apologize if my post are irking you, I was just having a conversation with another individual about the quirkiness of the system.  I did mark this post as solved.

    I did not purchase the memory in question at a yard sale,  it is memory I had on hand from upgrades I have done on other systems.  I picked up the Dell Inspiron at a yard sale minus the CPU, Memory, Hard Drive and DVD.  I got the system because it came with the Dell Windows 7 64bit Home Premium DVD.

   Also if you must know.  It turns out that the issue is not just with the memory, it had to do with the CPU that I put into the system which was a pull from a defunct HP (dead motherboard).  The voltage limitation and compatibility is  partly due to the integrated memory controller on the CPU.  So even when I get the memory from Crucial I still may have Windows 7 BSOD.    

   If my post are becoming an annoyance, I will cease and desists,

   Thank you for your input




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Re: Quick Question about Dell Inspiron 570 memory

Sorry I missed the fact that you did not pick up the memory at a yard sale and your post did not "irk" me either. I guess I just scanned the previous posts and misread somewhere along the lines. Contrary to your belief, I found this thread quite interesting; however, based on your most recent response, it appears that your situation is much more complexed than just a memory issue. Also, the continual introduction of new problems, after the post has been marked as solved, causes confusion when try to understand the entire thread so you should have actually started a new thread under General Computer Isuues. 

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Re: Quick Question about Dell Inspiron 570 memory



   You are correct and I do apologize.  I did marked it as solved and I should have carried the discussion over to the General Computer forum.  I've been around long enough to have known better.  What's that old adage "Beating a Dead Horse" Just having a senior moment I guess.

   Thank you again for you observations and recommendations.




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Re: Quick Question about Dell Inspiron 570 memory

mikebilak wrote:

  I understand about Dell, I'm was just overconfident on the 570 because it had 2 blue DIMM slots and 2 black DIMM slots.  the 2 two blue slots were closest to the CPU so that's where I stuck the memory.  I'm running MemTest+86 4.20 now on the 570.  The first module ran a little over 7 minutes and start throwing errors.  Once the error count got to 200,000 I stopped it.  The 2nd module has been running for about 1.5 hours now and nothing yet.  I did place the ram in DIMM slot 4 as stated in the Dell Manual. 

  The ram itself is labeled PC3-10666 7-7-7 @ 1.65v (I won't list the P/N again).  You have the same spec's that I have. I will run your suggested software after Memtest has run a little bit longer.


   Thanks again for your input.





Looks normal to me, thanks for posting!


When using 2 modules you should install in slots 3+4 physically outwards from the CPU, so last two slots on the far right of the motherboard.  And yes, for a single stick you would use the last slot on the right of the board beside the ATX 20/24 power cable.


Sounds like one of those sticks are bad as you've probably surmised by now.   The good thing is DDR3 is VERY Cheap these days, so you can always grab another stick easy.

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Re: Quick Question about Dell Inspiron 570 memory

Since this thread has a accepted solution I am closing it.

If you want to post about non-Crucial products, please use this board.

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