RAM isn't adding to the memory i already have in my PC.

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RAM isn't adding to the memory i already have in my PC.

So a year ago when i got this pc it had 2 gb RAM already built in. After some time i went to a computer shop and they installed a 4 gb crucial stick on my pc. I thought that he only put 2 gb in becouse my pc says that there is only 4 gb installed. But i recently found out that there's a 4gb stick in there so wouldn't that mean that i should have 6gb ram total since i already have 2gb built in? And i can't ask the guy who installed it since he recently passed away. I also checked if my pc can support more than 4gb and it can. Oh and when i take out the 4gb stick and try to boot up the pc it justs beeps and doesnt turn on

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Re: RAM isn't adding to the memory i already have in my PC.

If you can remove the 2GB stick, examine the gold contacts to make sure they look clean then reinstall the 2GB stick and see if it works (leave out the 4GB stick for now).  It could be the memory popped loose.  You should also check the memory specifications on the label of the 2GB stick to make sure the speed or PC rating on it  matches what is required for your laptop.


If it still doesn't work, then try it in the other slot.  If it doesn't work in either slot, then it appears the 2GB stick is bad.  Before buying memory to replace it, you shouild try the 4GB stick in the other slot to make sure the slot is good.  If the 2GB stick works in the 2nd slot, then you should try blowing some compressed air across the bad slot in case some dirt got in there and try the 2GB stick in it again.    


FYI, to fully utilize more than 3GB/4GB with Windows, you need a 64bit version of Windows.