RAM not improving peformance

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RAM not improving peformance

My sisier complained that her old XP PC was very slow.  When i visited her i saw that it only had 256 mb RAM.  I advised her to order more RAM from Crucial.  She used the online scanner & ordered 1GB stick, she put that in with the existing 256mb.  That is not  a great deal of RAM but should have been much faster than just 256.  But when i visited her today the PC is very very slow still.  I went to Control panel>system but no RAM was displayed there , then did online Crucial scan & it showed both 1GB & 256mb sticks.  But it seems that its so slow that its still only using 256.  Can this be happening if the scanner shows both sticks ? 


Thanks for any help


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Re: RAM not improving peformance

Hi John,


It sounds like it could be a compatibility issue between the two different memory modules.  Can you possibly try it with just the new 1GB module installed without the original 256MB?


This is the best way to check and see if it's a compatibility issue that's causing these problems.  It would also be great if you could confirm the make and model of the computer and also the part number as it's printed on the sticker of the memory module.

Crucial_Junket, Crucial Moderator, UK

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