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Bit Baby
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RAM not working with 64bit

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I just bought 2x4GB DDR 3 for my Asus K52jc. They work on my windows 8 x86. BUT whenever I try installing windows 8 x64, or ANYTHING that is 64bit, like UBUNTU Live DVD, or anything, it just shuts down. it instantly turns off. What's the use of having 8GB ram if I can't use it? 

If I remove them and put the old 2GB ram, it will work.

If I install 64bit os from the 2GB and afterwards mount the new ram, when I turn it on, it will shut down immediatly, or make it to the Windows Logo, then restart.

Tried all possibilities with mounting the ram 1 slot first, and so on ... and it doesn't work.


Why is it that the new ram won't even load Ubuntu live cd that is 64bit, but work fine on 32bit?

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Re: RAM not working with 64bit

in reply to Aioooo

HI Aioooo,


I am very sorry for the issues that you are experiencing with your new RAM. It shouldn't be having this sort of issue. What part number are you installing in the system? The part number should read something like CT51264BF1339. 8FKD. This will help us a lot with our research. Thank you in advance for this information.

YogiH, Crucial Moderator, US

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