Receiving Blue Screen of Death after installed memory upgrade, system not reading RAM

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Receiving Blue Screen of Death after installed memory upgrade, system not reading RAM

Hello everyone, I just registered on the forum to post this topic so i'm a little new, so pelase bear with me.


I just ordered 2 4GB sticks of RAM to upgrade my current 4GB of RAM on my laptop, and at first the installation went without a hitch, but my laptop could only read 4 GB of RAM (it also said only 3.75 is usable, but I think that's common). Here are the modules I ordered. The Crucial Scanner recommended them to me.


My system specs are:

Alienware M17X R2

Intel Dual Core CPU P8700 @ 2.53GHz



Afterwards about a day later, I recieved frequent Crash to Desktop while playing video games. Eventually I came upon a Blue Screen of Death that rebooted my computer only an hour or so after the crash to desktop stopped. This happened repeatedly, and it got to a point to where I could not even boot my computer without it going to the blue screen, and the error message I recieved said the error was "IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL". After Googling this I found out this is a frequent error when new hardware is installed and is somehow not compatible with the computer or motherboard. I quickly uninstalled the Crucial RAM, installed my old ones and now it is working perfectly fine.


I am to the point of just returning my modules and getting a refund and being done with it entirely, but this seems like a good service and they had a pretty good price on them. I am completely confident I installed the RAM correctly, I have done it before. The chat is extremely slow and the agent wasn't helping me much when I initially tried to have a chat with Customer Service online when I got a Blue Screen.


In short, i'm not sure whether the problem is with my computer/processor or with the RAM I got, and I don't know whether the RAM I recieved was just malfunctioning or whether my CPU had a problem with it, or maybe I need a software upgrade. I don't know. 


Sorry about the length, please help! If any more information is required feel free to ask.



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Re: Receiving Blue Screen of Death after installed memory upgrade, system not reading RAM

Hi Mohamed,


I'm sorry to hear that you are experiencing blue screens while using Windows.  To help determine if the problem is caused by a hardware or software failure we recommend the Windows Vista/7 Memory Diagnostic tool. It is built into the Windows Vista/7 operating system, simple to use and provides a great first step for hunting down the problem.

To use this tool, please follow these simple steps:

1) Boot the computer into Windows. If the system will not boot into Windows with the new memory installed, remove the new memory and boot into Windows as normal using the original memory in the original configuration.

2) Once Windows has loaded, click the 'Start' or round windows logo button.

3) In the 'Start Search' field, type:- memory ,then hit 'Enter/Return'.

4) Next a UAC (User Account Control) window may appear, if so click 'Continue'. If this window does not appear continue on to step 5

5) The next window you should see is the 'Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool'. From the two options provided, please select 'Check for problems next time I start my computer'.

6) It will then confirm that the memory test has been scheduled.

7) Click 'Close'

8) Next, shut down the system. Do not restart.

9) Install the memory you wish to test if it is not already installed. Make sure the computer is switched off at the wall socket before adding or removing the memory and take proper grounding precautions.

10) Once the memory is installed that requires testing, power on the computer.

11) The system will start to boot as normal and the run the memory test automatically.

12) By default, the test will run 2 passes of standard tests. The time its takes for the test to complete will vary depending on the speed of the system and the amount of memory to be tested. If errors are detected during the test they will be displayed under the progress bar.

13) Once the test is complete, windows will boot as normal.

14) Once windows has fully loaded to the desktop, a message bubble should appear next to the clock on the bottom right of the screen and confirm the results of the test.

15) If no errors are detected, the problem you are experiencing could be software related. Please try updating your system/motherboard drivers and make sure you have the latest windows updates installed.

If you have multiple modules, please test each module individually to find out which module is the cause of any errors.

If multiple modules are failing, please try updating your BIOS. Please visit the computer manufacturers web site for further information on how to do this.

In any event, modules that are causing problems will be replaced under warranty.

Crucial_Junket, Crucial Moderator, UK

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