Specific builds of memory for the Intel 4 Chipset

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Specific builds of memory for the Intel 4 Chipset



I recently ordered a CT25664BA1339, I expected this, naively, to be compatible with my Aspire AX3910-U2032 which has an Intel G43 chipset.  However, this memory was not compatible and the recommended part number CT1493585 seems to have the same specification.  I was informed in a support email that a 'specific build' of memory is required for the intel 4 chipset.  Since this was not listed on any outward facing specifications of the memory I could find; I have two questions.


1) What does a 'specific build' of memory mean?


2) Where can I find more detailed specifications for dram that would show this build difference between the CT1493585 and CT25664BA1339




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Re: Specific builds of memory for the Intel 4 Chipset

Hi TaylorN,


I am sorry that you have been having issues with the new memory. The memory you have purchased is not compatible with the Intel 4 series. The part number equivalent to CT1493585(the guaranteed compatible part) would be CT2KIT25664BA1339A (the generic part number). The A at the end is what we use to signify that it is compatible with the Intel 4 series. This is what the representative was referring to as the specific build. Please let me know if there's anything else that I may help clarify. 


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