UDIMM with Thermal sensor

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UDIMM with Thermal sensor



Does any one know if the standard (i.e.. unbuffered, non ECC) 4GB 1333MHz UDIMM modules or kits come with a thermal sensor included (the SPD one) ? Last year, I bought a 4GB standard SODIMM DDR3 from crucial and was surprised to see that this module was equipped with this very useful thermal sensor. So I would like to do the same with my desktop computer now. This kind of sensors can be correctly detected by any modern hardware utility (i.e.. Hwinfo or Aida64,...).


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Re: UDIMM with Thermal sensor

Hi sl91,


The standard Non-ECC, Unbuffered memory modules unfortunately don't come with a thermal sensor in them.  The thermal sensor is only in some of our ECC modules.


The SODIMM you received last year would have not had a thermal sensor, it would possibly have been an option in the BIOS of that system that shows you the temperature from an external source, it would have not been reading it from the memory module itself.

Crucial_Junket, Crucial Moderator, UK

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