Very unhappy with purchase

Kilobyte Kid

Very unhappy with purchase

For Christmas i decided to upgrade my wife's laptop, one upgrade is the ram the other a SSD. I used Crucials scanner for the ram check and purchased the recommended ram. I had it overnighted and just received it, it's the wrong RAM! I even used the drop down menu for searching for the ram and it was suggested I buy the same stuff. I figured how could I go wrong, the most recommend company couldn't be wrong. Now I'm out the cost of shipping and the cost of the ram and the store won't take it back. So now what the **bleep** do I do? I know this is the last time I use your website to find what I need!
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Kilobyte Kid

Re: Very unhappy with purchase

One more thing, how come my computer tells me I have DDR3 installed and your website suggested DDR2? I just downloaded and installed Speccy from piriform.

Community Manager

Re: Very unhappy with purchase

Hi Mohr308,


First of all I'm sorry for the problems you have had with this order.


So we can investigate this issue further we would need you to provide more information if possible.  Can you first confirm the make and model of your computer?


Can you confirm the part number as listed on the sticker on the side of the memory module?  This will look something lik CT25664AC667.16FE


This is so we can check if the memory you have received is correct for your system.  Once we have this information we can look in to this for you. 

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