Can I submit a purchase order?

by Crucial Employee on ‎09-13-2016 10:11 AM (1,295 Views)

Only state or government funded agencies are automatically approved for Net 30 Terms. We can offer Net 30 credit terms to qualified customers with an active order history ($2,000 or more in the past three months) or applicants who place an initial order of $2,000 or more and show potential for buying memory on a regular basis.  Please note that we expect a "Net 30" account to be used regularly (inactive accounts may lose credit terms).


Email the purchase order to or fax it to (208)  363-5560 with the following information


( ) Billing address

( ) Shipping address

( ) Vendor (Micron Consumer Products Group) information

( ) Purchase order number

( ) Total dollar amount of the order, including freight and sales tax, if applicable

( ) Payment terms (Net 30 or per contractual agreement)

( ) Shipping terms ("FCA Origin" unless otherwise contractually agreed upon)

( ) First and last name of the buyer

( ) Buyer's email address

( ) Buyer's phone number

( ) Authorizing signature

( ) Crucial Part # and Unit Pricing