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Kilobyte Kid
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Registered: ‎10-18-2013


My aging Acer Aspire with SATA II 5400 rpm drive is ready for a drive replacement. The two most logical options are :


(1) 7200 rpm WD Scorpio Black HD (about one-half cost of equivalent SSD).

(2) SSD


The WD Scorpio is "safest" choice for trouble-free operation. However the title contains "SATA 300" which may or may not be cause for concern. If SATA 300 means 300 Gb transfer rate i assume that is compatible with current SATA II interface. If not can this drive be successfully installed in the Acer without upgrading an adapter ?


Is there any compelling reason to consider an SSD replacement instead of HD ?  Thanx.



Community Manager
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Re: HDD vs SSD

in reply to Bewildered_Bobb

Hi Bobb,


First of all SATA is backwards compatible which means a SATA 2 drive can work in a SATA 3 port and vice versa.  The only difference being that the port will limit the speed of the connection.


For example a SATA 3 drive on a SATA 2 port will run slower.


There are a number of different benefits that an SSD provides over a standard hard drive.  They are faster, much faster than a hard drive and can be up to 21x faster.  They have no moving parts which means they are more sturdy than standard hard drives.


We have a good explanation of what SATA means here: 


We have some great articles about SSD's in our knowledge base and you can see some below.


SSD Basics:


Full list of SSD articles:


If you need any further help please don't hesitate to ask.


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