Need advice on upgrading or not.

Bit Baby

Need advice on upgrading or not.

So I have this deplorable system to work with for the next little while until I save enough for a better computer, so I guess I need some advice on how to see if my computer would benefit from upgrading the RAM alone or if I would have to buy a new processor and probably a new motherboard for the processor so on so forth because if I can't just go out and get a few sticks of memory to kick start it just a little bit I might as well just wait till I can get the better computer. I am running Vista 32 bit with 2, 1gb sticks of DDR PC2 - 6400 although I do not know what processor I am using or how much it supports. I don't think there are any open slots either but would I even gain anything by switching to maybe 3gb or 4gb (even though it can only process 3.5)


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Re: Need advice on upgrading or not.

Hi Darklmpulses,


I would be more than happy to check if your system can benefit from a memory upgrade.  Do you know the make and model of the computer?  If you can confirm that I can check how much memory the system can support.


Moving even from 2GB to 3-4GB can improve your systems performance massively and you would certainly get better performance with more memory installed.

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Bit Baby

Re: Need advice on upgrading or not.

I have a gateway SX2110G-UW318 and wonting to speed up the proformance can you please help me on what I need.

Kilobyte Kid

Re: Need advice on upgrading or not.

I had the same issue with my Mac. I have also faced the dilemma between upgradation and optimization. I selected to go with optimization and cleaned my drive to regain 8 GB of free space. I really worked and saved my money.


I this this tip is independent of OS and you can try even if you have any other OS.