Getting the right RAM

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Getting the right RAM

I seem to have the wrong sticks of RAM for my server despite the advisor assuring me I had the right sticks. 


My server is a Fujisu Siemens Primergy TX120 Rev1 which at present has 4GB of RAM in it. I bought -  some time ago, so  I might not be able to exchange them - a further 4GB of RAM as per the memory adviser. However, they won't fit the slots: the notch is in the wrong place. 


The server takes DDR2 PC2-5300 memory. The code number on the existing sticks is ct25672aa667 18fe; the code number on the new sticks - where the notch is in the wrong place - is ct25672aa667 m9fc


The memory adviser shows me various options, with this at the top


Having dug out the receipt from my purchase of the first 4GB, the part number I ordered back then was CT700638. A search throws up this - which is what the adviser shows me.


So how did I end up with two sticks that won't fit because the notch is in the wrong place, and how can I make sure I get the right memory this time?


Many thanks!






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Re: Getting the right RAM

Hi Wondercat,


I'm sorry to hear that you are having problems with your memory upgrade.


Both part numbers you have provided are exactly the same, can you possibly hold a new module and old module back to back to check that the notch is in the same spot?


The part numbers you have quoted are identical parts so the new memory modules should fit no problem at all, can you possibly post a picture of both modules next to each other?  This is so we can get a look at them to see what the difference is.


Once we have had a look at them we can take it from there and check why they are not fitting in your system.

Crucial_Junket, Crucial Moderator, UK

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