Adobe Flash Player error when accessing the site?

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Adobe Flash Player error when accessing the site?

I use Windows 7 64bit laptop . Currently I constantly faulty machine Adobe Flash Player on Firefox and Chrome browsers when accessing sites containing Flash . Each error was on the screen when an error message optionally Adobe Flash Player " Dismiss or Continue ." The phenomenon is most visible browser crashes , the title bar does the " Not Responding " that can not be turned off , the only way is to run Task Manager to shut down the browser .

I have removed the current Flash player and try to install an older version that runs fine but then shortly after the PC update Flash Player for new and ongoing errors . Now I had to turn off ( disable ) Flash Player for web browsing , but it does not look like the video clip or Flash banner on the site . Some other machines running WinXP does not see this error even after updating the latest Flash Player machine like me . Please indicate processing directions .

Thank you !

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Re: Adobe Flash Player error when accessing the site?

Hi seadragon1855,


Thanks for contacting us today.Unfortunately, we don't have much information on issues with Adobe. You might have better luck on an Adobe forum. A list of Adobe forums can be found here: Good luck on your Adobe issues. 

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