I Installed 8gb Ram but only 3.60gb usable

Kilobyte Kid

I Installed 8gb Ram but only 3.60gb usable


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Re: I Installed 8gb Ram but only 3.60gb usable

Hello icepada,


I am sorry for the issues you are experiencing with your upgrade. It does appear that your system should be able to use the full 8GB of RAM. To check if the Windows memory lock is limiting the amount of memory Windows can see,

1. Click on Start.

2. Type MSCONFIG in Search and click OK.

3. This will open the System Configuration Utility. Click on the BOOT tab.

4. Click on the Advanced Options... button

5. If the /MAXMEM= box is checked, please uncheck it.

6. If it isn’t already checked, check it now and enter your total amount of memory in MB (e.g. 8192 for 8GB) and click OK.

Please let us know if we can offer additional assistance or advice.

YogiH, Crucial Moderator, US

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Kilobyte Kid

Re: I Installed 8gb Ram but only 3.60gb usable

Hello, I had a similar problem but with a 64-bit Windows 8 machine. It originally came with 4 GB of RAM and I bought another 4 GB slot from Crucial to supplement up to 8. The system indicates that it recognized 8 GB of RAM, but the usable amount it still what it was under the single slot of 4 GB (3.22 usable). Any idea why?