Marvell 9128 RAID1 with M500

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Marvell 9128 RAID1 with M500

I have Asus P9X79 Deluxe board ( ) with Marvell 9128 RAID controller. I would like to put 2 Crucial M500 480GB SSDs as RAID1 on that controller because the built-in Intel controllers are already allocated to other drives.  


Would RAID1 with the two M500s work? My main concern is reliability? Can you recommend any RAID1 low-cost controller card that will work with M500s?





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Re: Marvell 9128 RAID1 with M500

In short: no.  It's not even fast enough to run one of them.  The problem is they use a single PCI express v2 lane which has an effective speed limit of ~380MB/sec


I'm not sure how you define low cost but I doubt you'll find one under £100 that's fast enough.  All the cheap ones also use either the 912x chip or a rival Asmedia chip with the same limitation.

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