Should I return M500 and request M550

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Should I return M500 and request M550

I have ordered from Micron UK and await a M500 /240GB mSATA SSD which I intend to add in to my Dell Inspiron i7 laptop, so I can run Windows 7 from the SSD (with two other HDDs for data).  I'd class myself as a casual user rather than gamer or video producer.


However having just read several Threads in this forum about difficulties with the M500 (eg Windows Updates) I want to ask if I should try to return the M500 when it arrives rather than install it, and request a M550 instead - for similar price will only be 128GB but probably big enough.


Ideally I'd like Yes / No answer based on experience to date (becasue I realise all products have problems over their lifetime especially when having to interwork with several indepently evolving components).


Thanks in anticipation of your pearls of wisdom (only wish I'd thought of asking before I placed my order)   Smiley Embarassed

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Re: Should I return M500 and request M550

The only problem with WIndows Updates is from using an out of date Intel sata driver.  And that's easily fixed by updating Intels driver.  I'm guessing (but don't know) that it's caused by older drivers not supporting advanced format drives in which case the problem would presumably affect the M550 too.  


I'd have the higher capacity over the faster drive if your budget limites you to one or the other.  An SSD is a LOT faster than a HDD.  Whilst a performance SSD is a bit better than a mainstream SSD.  Being able to have mroe stuff a lot faster is better than having less a bit even faster.  IMO. If that makes sense. Smiley Very Happy

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