Should I settle for these M500 250GB AS benchmarks?

Kilobyte Kid

Should I settle for these M500 250GB AS benchmarks?

I recently installed a M500 240 GB SSD. After a fresh install of windows 8, I ran AS SSD benchmark to see if everything seemed in order.


as-ssd-bench_Crucial_ CT240M5_3-7-2013_23-11-34_INITIAL.png


Although I do not need to set speed records, it appears to me that these results are really sub par. I will, however, be happy to settle for these scores, if I feel confident that they are what I can reasonably expect in my system specs.


You see I have an ASUS P5NE SLI motherboard. It does not support AHCI, it has 'only' SATA 2. I installed the latest nForce SATA driver for the motherboard but that only made things a tad slower.


So maybe, with limitations like that, I should settle for these scores? what do you think? Part of me feels that, even in SATA2, there should be higher scores. I need to know if there are any remaining options I could try BEFORE I install my other software on this drive (as some options might be destructive).


Am I good to go?Man Surprised


PS: yes I noticed this sticky: and it seems I tried most of it. But that post does not address when I ought to be satisfied.


Thank you so much in advance.

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Re: Should I settle for these M500 250GB AS benchmarks?

I have an m500 on sata 2 and it looks spot on to me.

Higher sequential speeds require sata 3.

Higher 4k-64thrd speeds require NCQ (from AHCI)


Mine is benchmarking about 10% faster across the board but it's Intel chipset and one thing SSD's taught is that in the old days - Intel made much better sata controllers than everyone else.  It's just the drives were too slow to notice until SSD's came along!

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Kilobyte Kid

Re: Should I settle for these M500 250GB AS benchmarks?

Thanks a lot, that was what the reassurance i was looking for. I also found some other benchmarks of ssd on sata2 which also seem to be in the same league. Thanks.