V4 SSD "Boot Disk Failure" not quick enough?

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V4 SSD "Boot Disk Failure" not quick enough?



I have an issue with my new Crucial V4 32GB SSD, in that the BIOS reports "DISK BOOT FAILURE, INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER" at boot-time unless I manually select the device from the boot menu.


When I manually select the disk everything works fine, so there is no issue other than I think the BIOS is giving up finding the device before the disk is actually ready.  I know that this same system has the same issues when booting from CD, i.e. I have to select it from the boot device menu after the CD has stopped spinning, but I've never seen the problem on the magnetic HDD that has been installed for the last three years, so I wonder if this SSD is simply slower to react at startup then HDDs?


Of course I can look in to upgrading the BIOS on the motherboard, but it is a 3+ year old Zotac system, and I would rather not risk bricking that board as it is so old and information on how to fix it would be harder to come by.  So I was wondering if there was anything that I could do to reduce the initial startup time of the disk?  If it involves firmware of the disk then can you please provide a link to a help page for that?





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Re: V4 SSD "Boot Disk Failure" not quick enough?

Hi adamroper,


 I'm sorry to hear you are having problems with your SSD.  To help us establish the cause of the issue, could you please confirm as much of the information below as possible:

- What issues are you having?

- How long has the drive been in use?

- When did the problems first occur?

- What is the SSD being used for? (O/S, Storage, Page File, etc.)

- What is the SSD part number printed on the sticker (starting CT):

- Your exact system or motherboard model:

- Have you tried it in another system?

- Your current BIOS revision:

- Do you know your SATA speed (SATA-I 1.5Gb/s, SATA-II 3.0Gb/s, SATA-III 6Gb/s)?

- Operating system:

- What color or number is the SATA port the drive cable is connected to (Desktop users only)?

- Have you tried different SATA cables (Desktop users only)?

- Have you tried different SATA ports (Desktop users only)?

- Do you have more than one bay for hard drives/SSDs and have you tried the different bays (Laptop users only)?

- What Firmware version is printed on the sticker on the drive?

- Have you upgraded this and if so, what is the current version?

- What BIOS SATA mode are you using (IDE/ AHCI/ RAID)?

Crucial_Junket, Crucial Moderator, UK

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