m4 64GB SSD freezing on antivirus scans and chkdsks

Kilobyte Kid

m4 64GB SSD freezing on antivirus scans and chkdsks



I have been using a Crucial m4 64GB SSD as a boot disk for about 2 years now. My main storage drives are 2 Seagate Barracuda 500GB.


Recently, I have found then whenever I try to start an antivirus scan using either Malwarebytes or MSE, my system will eventually freeze up. I would still be allowed to move the mouse, but I will be unable to click on anything.




I did a scheduled disk check on all my drives, and disk check froze on scanning my m4 at Stage 4. This is what I came to after leaving it for about 10 hours.




Furthermore, occassionally, when I am foreced to reset, my m4 will suddenly become undetectable.




I have tried power cycling, and then a scan, but to no avail. I have also tried a secure erase in PartedMagic.


This is the CrystalDiskInfo of the SSD in question:



Is there any way to solve this without an RMA? I recently moved house and pretty much lost all my receipts.


My current specs are:


MSI P55A-GD55 Mainboard

Gigabyte GTX460

Crucial m4 64GB

2 x Seagate Barracuda 500GB

Cooler Master Extreme 550W PSU

2 x 4GB Corasair Vengeance 1600MHz RAM


EDIT: My current firmware is 040H, as I am unable to update my firmware for some unknown reasons. The Firmware Update Utility is telling me that "There are no SSDs on your system that need to be updated.", and when I try the manual boot from USBStick, I am stuck at a black screen with a blinking "_" symbol.


Also, I am not experiencing any problems in normal day-to-day usage. There are no freezes unless I attempt a virus scan or disk check. I just feel unsafe that I am unable to conduct any virus scans at all.

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Re: m4 64GB SSD freezing on antivirus scans and chkdsks

Some of your screenshots have been removed due to privacy protection reasons probably. Please hide your drive's serial number and post a CrystalDiskInfo screenshot again.


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Kilobyte Kid

Re: m4 64GB SSD freezing on antivirus scans and chkdsks

My apologies, here is the reuploaded screenshot...