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Computer won't recognize recently installed RAM

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I have a dell vostro 230 x86 based PC. There are two ram slots. 

The part number on my crucial memory is CT2CP25664BA1339.

2x2GB sticks PC3 - 10600 Unbuffered



I reseated the memory sticks several times, and I tried the memory sticks one at a time, to no avail. The old memory works fine. Whenever I try to boot the PC up with the new memory sticks, it just gives me the "ram not recognized or found" beep code. 


I used to crucial scanner to pinpoint and order this memory, but I don't know what else to do. 


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Re: Computer won't recognize recently installed RAM

Hi leemofiah,


First of all I'm sorry to hear that you're having issues with your memory upgrade.  I have had a look in to this system and it needs specific low density memory.


This means the memory needs to have 16 black chips on it, before it would work in this system.  I am sorry that the system scanner picked up the wrong information but we would be more than happy to arrange an exchange for you.  Please contact our customer service team directly HERE and they can arrange the exchange.


When you contact them please include your full address and the exact issues you're having.  You could also direct them to this forum post. 


Once again sorry for the problems you have had and we can get this exchanged for you right away. 

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Re: Computer won't recognize recently installed RAM

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We recently encountered the same issue and we have 6 Dell Vostro 230 PCs in our office and we resolved the issue by updating the BIOs.  You can resolve the issue by updating your Dell's BIOS here first by using the original Dell Ram:


Before updating the BIOs, the Dell Vostro can only read DDR3 1066 RAM.  After updating the BIOs your Dell Vostro 230 then install your Crucial RAM.  Updating the BIOS will make your Dell accept and recognize your Crucial DDR3 1333 ram.