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Memory Compaq Presario S5500UK GB340

I keep getting conlficting info with regards memory for  this machine (albeit old) ...One says I can put 2x 1 mb chips and the other  says 2x 512 mb...I am trying to upgrade this machine to get the very best out of it , I note several slots in the machine and wonder if I can get s graphics module as this is a bit slow also . I am a newbie so any help with this in basic terms would be appreciated, I have also been advised to get a Nvadia card a minimum of 250 mb is this correct ? 


kind regards



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Re: Memory Compaq Presario S5500UK GB340

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Hi guovadis,


Thanks for contacting us today. I pulled up your system and it appears that it can be upgraded to 1GB of memory. Upgrades for this system can be found here. Unfortunately we don't keep any information on what other upgrades this system can use, It would probably be best to work with Nvadia or Compaq for more information on that. 

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