Payment not taken? now urgent!!!

Kilobyte Kid

Payment not taken? now urgent!!!

Hi, I just ordered Mx200 msata 250GB drive using the downloaded software. Was told there was a problem and go back using the back button, but the back button just took me to a new message stating there is a problem? 


I was going to just use the site to buy again without the software, but thought I'd check my email. and Paypal states I have entered an order and crucial sales has given me an order number?


But my biggest problem is that I ordered the mSATA version and not the SSD, this is the product information with the crucial order "CT6892300 CT250MX200SSD3.PK02 250GB UPGRADE FOR A HP - COMPAQ HP ZBOOK 15 MOBILE WORKSTATION SYSTEM" it states SSD3 not mSATA?


Regards Szaxe.

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Kilobyte Kid

Re: Payment not taken? now urgent!!!

Actually it may not be a problem, hopefully, I'm not being premature Phew. But dug deeper and located the MX200 product specs PDF and it appears that all the MX200 ssds have almost the same product name, just with a different number at the end?


CT250MX200SSD3  msata, 3


CT250MX200SSD1 ssd, 1


CT250MX200SSD6 m.2, 4 or 6


I just panicked after the order stated problems and wouldn't go back whatever I tried.


Reagrds Szaxe.


Re: Payment not taken? now urgent!!!

You are right about the naming. Different numbers at the end indicates drive type and SSD3 stands for mSATA SSD Smiley Happy


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