Why do Crucial use UPS? (A ruined day story)

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Why do Crucial use UPS? (A ruined day story)

When I ordered 16Gb of memory for my MacBook Pro yesterday, I was ever so excited that I finally had the funds to do it. I chose the UPS option for delivery as I wanted the memory ASAP.


Imagine my disappointment this morning when I go and look at the tracking to find out that I have to pay duties, taxes and brokerage fees.

I understand that duties and taxes are unavoidable, and would have added around $15 to my order. The UPS brokerage fees however, are extortionate.

They tell you that you pay a 7% brokerage fee, but it doesn't end there. They add on more fees so that you have to pay an extra amount of money at the door. This could be as much as 50% of the original item cost. 


Then they add GST on top of that!!


When I saw this, I contacted Crucial who told me that there wasn't much they could do apart from offer me a refund on the shipping costs.


That would have been awesome! But sadly, I don't have cash lying around, no money in the bank and no credit card to pay the COD that UPS would want at the door.


I paid for my order with PayPal after saving up for what felt like an eternity.


Is it Crucial's fault? No, it's not their fault that UPS charge extortionate amounts of money, but Crucial could do something about it by finding a courier that doesn't do this.


Nobody will really care about my situation, and nothing will be done about it.

It just saddens me that I'm being made to return the memory I purchased from Crucial to them because I have no money to pay COD at the door.

It's a good job I checked the tracking this morning.


It also saddens me that Crucial allow this to happen, because I will no longer order from them because of this. I like Crucial and have ordered all my memory from them when I lived in the UK, but never had any of these problems.

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