SSD Support Information

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If you’re having issues with your SSD being detected.  Please visit our troubleshooting guide here.


 If you’re still having issues with your SSD before contacting the customer service team about your SSD we will need you to prepare the following information.  This is so we can investigate this further for you.


- Your name and full address:
- order number (if applicable):
- If you did not purchase the drive on, please provide us with a proof of purchase (invoice, receipt etc) from the original vendor.

- What is the SSD part number printed on the sticker (starting CT):
- What Firmware version is printed on the sticker on the drive?
- Have you upgraded this and if so, what is the current version?
- Serial number/date code from the sticker on the drive:

- What specific issues are you having?
- Tell us of any troubleshooting steps you have attempted prior to contacting us:
- When did the problems first occur?
- The exact system or motherboard model the SSD is used in:
- Have you tried it in another system?

- Operating system installed on SSD:
- Have you tried different SATA cables and ports on the motherboard (desktop users only), or connected it externally via USB?
- What BIOS SATA mode are you using (IDE/ AHCI/ RAID)?

Once we know the above information, we can either provide a solution or give you instructions on sending the drive back to us.  This information should only be sent directly to a customer service agent.


For all SSD support articles please visit the SSD section of our Knowledge Base here.