International warranty questions

Kilobyte Kid

International warranty questions

Hi I'm a computer hardware power user in Taiwan. I have two quertions.


Q1:If I buy a SSD from crucial website,and the SSD have something wrong need to RMA. The RMA procedure is create RMA number via crucial website than I have to send it back to Crucial Technology Attn: RMA Dept - RMA# _______

3475 E. Commercial Ct. Meridian, ID 83642. About the fee, I have to pay the freight for sent it back to crucial from Taiwan to US, what about the return freight ?


Q2: If I buy SSD from Crucial autheriz online seller like newegg or Amazon in US, could I get the RMA service like question 1 in Taiwan?



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Re: International warranty questions



In both quesition 1 and 2, we would pay for the cost of shipping of the replacement drive back to you if a RMA is needed. 


One thing I want to make you aware of however.  If you order the original from a 3rd party vendor, then needed to do a RMA, you would be responsible for any customs fees that there might be.  If you order direct, you would pay the customs fees on the original order, and there should not be any additional fees if a replacement is needed.

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Kilobyte Kid

Re: International warranty questions

is this RMA method still available ?

i'm from taiwan and i have a SSD not sold by local shop ,

so I'm preparing to RMA it .

So I just pay the shipping and cus fee to the US , and you will return it to Taiwan ? 

thanks .