Warranty in Germany

Kilobyte Kid

Warranty in Germany


I bought an SSD (100€ worth) from a German online shop back in July 2015 which has 3 years warranty (24 months implied warranty by the online shop). In August 2016 the SSD stopped working and I sent it back to the shop for warranty repair. They sent me a new one (which seemed not so well built) in September 2016, but after a week or so, the new one stopped working as well. So, I sent the new one back in October 2016 and in Janaury 2017 they informed me that they put 65€ on my online shop balance. Instead of repairing it or replacing it with a new one, they gave on my account 65€ which is 35€ less than the SSD's price. Their explanation was that I used the SSD for a year and therefore they gave me only a partial refund. I never heard something like that before. This is fraud. If the SSD has 36 months warranty, then they should repair it or give me a replacement during this 36 months.

Please, let me know what can I do about it.


Thank you.