Are 4gb 3000mhz Tactical modules dual-rank?

Kilobyte Kid

Are 4gb 3000mhz Tactical modules dual-rank?

I've been trying to figure out if the 4gb, 3000 mhz models of Ballistix Tactical are dual rank or single rank modules. I've found a couple sources (SkinFlint and Amazon) that have conflicting information, and I can't find anything listed on the crucial or ballistix sites.
I've noticed for Ballistix Sport models, this information is listed. Why isn't it listed for Tactical models?
( Listed here:
and here: )

I've been having a hard time looking for 4gb sticks of dual rank ram, and Ballistix is the only company I've seen that outright advertises it (big thanks!).

If these aren't dual-rank, does anyone have a recommendation for other 3000mhz dual-rank modules? If not, I guess I'll buy the Sports LT 2666mhz edition
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Crucial Employee

Re: Are 4gb 3000mhz Tactical modules dual-rank?

Everything we sell now is Single Ranked, we stoped producing dual ranked parts for DDR4 UDIMMs, so there there ended up being fewer reasons to advertise it. Ranking is rarely relevant for UDIMMS, so having that information available can often cause more confusion than it's worth. Also up until DDR4 rankins were simply never advertised for UDIMM parts, because in reality it would never matter, and rankins could, and still do vary in the same parts.

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