Ballistix 16GB Freezing PC during Memtest86

Kilobyte Kid

Ballistix 16GB Freezing PC during Memtest86

Hello, guys.

I'm having a tricky issue here, so I'll need some help. Let me tell you the whole story: I have a Ryzen 3 1300X + Radeon RX 560 + Ballistix Sports 16GB 2400MHz (BLS16G4D240FSB.16AD) running on an Asus 320M-k powered by a Corsair CX450. Everything was perfect until my PC started to reboot randomly a month ago.

No BSOD, no event log in Windows (except that one that says that "this shut down was unexpected"). The event is intermittent, I mean, I can't say when it occurs. Sometimes I was gaming, sometimes I was writing. I turned off the automatic restart of windows, and the issue remained there... even when idle my PC restarted. There were times I had 3 issues a day, and there were times it passed a week without any restart.

After reading a lot of forums, I saw it could be an issue with the bios and compatibility things. Checked the bios version of my MOBO, and saw it was 0.805 (from some point of 2017). Updated the BIOS to the version 4.0 (version of april, 2018). Well, after that, it aparently stopped to reboot randomly.  Since saturday I got no episodes of random reboot. Buuut... now I have another issue: freezing when using memtest. Also, it hangs with a specific CPU core!


I ran memtest with single core configuration (CPU#0), and it ran fine. Then I tried to run parallel: freeze! Tried to run sequential: freeze! Then I paid more attention, and saw that in sequential it was freezing with CPU #3. OK! I put the test to run single core with cpu 3, and got two freezes in a row!!! The first freeze happened within the first minute, the second happened in 40 minutes. 

To get more knowledge of the problem, I ran the same test in an HyperX DDR4 2400MHz 8GB, and it passed smooth. Nothing happened. 4 passes, flawless. 


Tried the Memtest64 on windows with my Ballistix: freeze again.

So, any ideas? 

Is it a compatibility issue (Ryzen 3 1300X + Asus A320M-K)? 
Is my Crucial Ballistix damaged? If yes, why only freezing with cpu #3 in memtest? 
If no, do I need to change RAM voltage (e.g. up to 1.21V or 1.22V)? 

Any help would be more than welcome. 

PS - Sorry for my English. It's not my native language.

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Crucial Employee

Re: Ballistix 16GB Freezing PC during Memtest86

It seems like you've done pretty comprehensive testing. Without having anymore system stability issues and the fact the memtest only freezes on certain CPU cores, it's really hard to say exactly what the issue is. You could try running the memory with XMP disabled in the BIOS memory settings if you haven't already just see if it maybe it's a timing related issue. Also if you're doing any sort of overclocking or custom settings on your CPU that could be another factor. The HyperX part is only 8GB so it is possible the 16GB is using just enough bandwidth on the CPU to only have the problems.

Without having another identical 16GB Ballistix part or another motherboard to test the memory in, we can't be really sure if the memory itself is at fault. If you get to the point you would like to have the part replaced, feel free to setup an exchange through the link below, and we would be happy to swap the part to rule it out as a potential issue.

Crucial_Benny, Micron CPG Support, US

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Kilobyte Kid

Re: Ballistix 16GB Freezing PC during Memtest86



After that post my Ballistix passed 2 more times flawless in Memtest when using CPU #0. (8 passes in total)

But if I try to run the test with another one, it still freezes (it happened with CPU #1 and #2, even in single core test). This led me to suspect that it can be a more complex issue than I thought. Reading some foruns, I saw that Asus MOBO's have a known issue bug with some UEFI BIOS versions. This might be the reason that I'm experiencing freezings during tests with the other cores. (But as I said,  the multi-core test passes with the HyperX. But I'll pay more attention to the bandwith issue that you pointed).


Also, as I live too far away from crucial HQ, I'd rather try to test the memory a little bit more, since it has 8+ passes with 0 errors in memtest86.

So, I'll use my PC as before, if I get another unexpected reboot, I'll try a RMA or something.

(I asked here because I thought it could be a known compatibility issue between the parts that I'm using.)

PS - I'm not using any overclock setting. But I will check the XMP profiles.


Thank you very much! Smiley Happy

Kilobyte Kid

Re: Ballistix 16GB Freezing PC during Memtest86

Well xmp it a present. Ram overclock  so it could be compatiablkty issue at certain ram speed that happens