Ballistix Memory Defective

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Ballistix Memory Defective


I am no way a computer novice but also no expert, so when I kept getting the blue screen of death on my computer over the past 2 months I figured it was a virus. After many scans and searches I came to the conclusion that it was a defective memory stick. I purchased 4 1xgb crucial ballistix memory sticks for my Dell XPS 400 that your site said were compatible. I narrowed the defective stick down to one and my computer is running just fine with 3gb of RAM. When I scanned the defective one it came up with 964 LRAND errors, and 341 Stride6 errors. Is my product still under warranty? The stick's serial # is BG112GV.YF it's a Ballistix 800MHz 4-7-7-12.2.OV. Here is my computer scan.:



Richard Conti

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Re: Ballistix Memory Defective

There is also the # 121341 next to the barcode on the memory stick.


Re: Ballistix Memory Defective


Hi Richard,


Sorry to hear you are having problems with the RAM.  The memory has a lifetime warranty so please contact us to arrange an exchange:


UK/ EU Customer Support


US Customer Support





Maulmod, Crucial Moderator UK

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