Ballistix Tactical Tracer 64GB and endless MOD utility issues

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Ballistix Tactical Tracer 64GB and endless MOD utility issues

Hello everyone, I wonder if I could ask for some assistance please.
After trouble with the usually flawless green crucial memory (model number beginning CT) I decided to treat myself to a kit of:
Ballistix Tactical Tracer BLT4C16G4D26BFT4/BLT4K16G4D26BFT4 64 GB Kit (16 GB x 4) DDR4 2666Mhz
to replace it, pushing the boat out as it was a gift to myself for a rather significant birthday (let's just say my first computer had nearer 64KB of memory than 64GB!)
However sadly I am regretting it more and more with each passing day, as it has been very disappointing to say the least.
The "MOD" software that is required to control it has been extremely unreliable and rarely starts, displaying various errors (incompatible motherboard etc or just no error or GUI at all) leaving the lights on constantly and at full brightness in my periphery, resulting in dreadful headaches and eye pain.
I am using Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit and the problem has persisted after multiple reinstallations of the software and even the operating system, which is no mean feat!
I have read every thread which appears when searching this forum via Google for MOD and software, including the "Three Ways to Solve Ballistix M.O.D. Utility Issues" and followed all advice given to no avail.
The software, my drivers and my bios are all up to date, running the latest versions available direct from the respective manufacturers' websites (not just the motherboard website for all drivers) but alas, no improvement.
It also leaves me extremely reluctant to put the machine to sleep on the rare occasions I can get the LEDs to turn off, as they turn back on again at full brightness (and always an unpleasant greenish colour) when waking from sleep.
It also makes it difficult for me to sleep at night as they are so bright they illuminates the whole room.
The computer must stay on all night so I have gone to great lengths to silence it (it uses the intel iGPU and has a large Thermalright heat sink and only a single 140mm fan running at 300rpm which is inaudible), however on the increasing rare occasions that the MOD software starts (and I have to turn the switch for the LEDs on and off again because it does not automatically turn them off despite the switch being set to off) the dazzling light is replaced by an ear piercing squeal, which is not present when the LEDs are set at maximum brightness and which increases in volume as the LEDs are dimmed and is loudest when they are off. This squeel was not present with the non-LED memory that preceded it (model beginning CT).
What really worries me is that when I found this forum I found numerous similar complaints and no solution, some even resorting to writing their own software to replace it (but for the DDR3 version sadly) and what worries me even more is that the thread announcing the release of the MOD software was posted in 2012, meaning the software is this troublesome after 6 years of development (or lack thereof). I think what is most upsetting is that the issues were known and the complains go several back years and yet there was no warning of them on the product page when I bought the memory, one should be informed of such issues and then allowed to decide whether one wants to risk having similar issues or just buy the non-LED version, which is what I wish I had done.
I have used crucial memory exclusively for nearly two decades when building computers for myself, family, friends and customers and I don't think I have ever had a problem, however all of this has really shaken my confidence in them, has my loyalty been misplaced? I feel foolish for blindly trusting crucial and not first researching this memory as diligently as I do a motherboard, cpu, gpu etc.
Does anyone know if there is any way to turn the LEDs off completely, permanently, in a manor which will avoid the agonizing squeel please? Perhaps in the bios or a hardware switch on the modules that I have overlooked? As I no longer enjoy the LEDs after all these issues and just want to be able to sleep in a dark, quiet room again, I am so very tired.
Thank you all in advance for any help you can offer & God Bless
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Re: Ballistix Tactical Tracer 64GB and endless MOD utility issues

@SoVeryTired I am sorry for the issues that you have been experiencing with your RAM. We do have a DDR3 version of MOD utility and a DDR4 version. The DDR4 version was released when our DDR4 Tracer modules were so it is relatively new. However, it sounds like the issues you are experiencing are not the norm. I would advise you contact us directly, so we may look into this further and set up a warranty replacement if necessary. 


YogiH, Crucial Moderator, US

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