Dual channel with 1-rank and 2-rank RAM

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Dual channel with 1-rank and 2-rank RAM

Hello, guys!


Please, help me with that case: i have 1 stick of Ballistix Red BLS8G4D26BFSE memory, but this memory is very rare in Russian stores. If I'm buying Ballistix Gray BLS8G4D26BFSBK - do thay work at dual channel (1 of them - 2-rank, another - 1-rank)?


Big thxs for helping and  sorry, if that post has mistakes =)

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Re: Dual channel with 1-rank and 2-rank RAM

@Vollirik provided you do not mix the parts in the same channel they should work together. Please refer to the manual for your motherboard for instructions on which slots are for which channel, they are typically color coded.

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